NEWS : OSLO (Norway)

Le 19 juin 1999 au 11ème congrès de l'E.T.C.O.
(European Transplant Coordinators Organisation)
a été présenté :

The last few years the French Government has decided to regulate the role of the french transplant hospital coordinators nurses. This was officialised by reglementation of the french health ministry :

The french nurse coordinators are placed under the autority of the hospital director. They are the main persons who connect the organ procurement strategy and Intensive Care Unit teams. The nurses coordinators are in contact with the regional transplant coordinator of the Etablissement Français des Greffes. They coordonate the different steps of the organ procurement (from the discussion with the donor's family to the organ harvesting in the operating room) with efficacity, safety, discretion and kindness.

The nurse coordinators could participated to the organ procurement not only in their hospital but also in other hospitals of the area.

The nurse coordinators are the key point of the organ procurement organisation.


 Le poster sera présenté lors du congrès de l'AFCH de l'an 2000.