Thursday 7th october 2004, Cassiopée room

 08h30 – 09h00                                   REGISTRATIONS

 09h00 – 10h30                                   FREE PAPERS SESSION

 Moderators: Andre DELLERMALM (Uddevalla – Sweeden) & Laurent BEYDON (Angers – France)  

Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) with heliox in pediatric bronchospasm.  F MEURANT , R  MEYER , HEMMER . Department of anesthesiology and intensive care unit, Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg Luxembourg ville –Grand Duché.

Mortality monitoring in intensive care and ability prediction by general severity systems MARTINEZ-ALARIO J*, TUESTA I.D.** *Intensive Care Unit and **Cardiac Surgery Department, University Hospital of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain.

Risk evaluation in cardiac surgery J MARTINEZ-ALARIO *,  I.D TUESTA.** *Intensive Care Unit and **Cardiac Surgery Department, University Hospital of the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain.

Management of acute postoperative pain can be improved using a computer-based system E SOLER, J VALLES, JC ÁLVAREZ, A MONTES . F ESCOLANO. Department of Anesthesiology, Hospital del Mar, IMAS, UAB, Barcelona, Spain.

Web anaesthesia assessment: the new era for clinical assessment? D CALDIROLI, M LAMPERTI , L PIGNATORO*  M IMPAGLIAZZO  Dept. of  Neuroanaesthesia and Neurointensive Care, *Dept. of Health Administration Istituto Nazionale Neurologico IRCCS Carlo Besta – Milan, Italy

Optimization of workflow in ICU with generalized net Mikhail MATVEEV, 1 Krassimir ATANASSOV,1 Evelina PAZVANSKA,2 Violeta TASSEVA1 1 Centre of Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria 2 ICU – Alexander University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria

10 years with Patient Information Management System: The users’ survey. Berit FORSMAN, Carina BJURSTRÖM, Arne DJURBERG, André DELLERMALM Uddevalla Hospital, Uddevalla, Sweden.


 10h30 – 11h00                                   COFFEE BREAK

 11h00 – 12h30                                              

Welcome  Kamram SAMII (Toulouse – France), Giulio TRILLO (Trieste – Italy), Philippe MAVOUNGOU (Nantes – France)

New technologies

Moderators: Pradeep RAMAYYA (Glasgow UK) &  Luc BARVAIS (Brussels – Belgium)

Telemedicine: a satelitte applications domain Antonio GUEL (CNES Toulouse – France) and Bernard COMET (MEDES Toulouse –France)

Working in O.R. of the future Julian GOLDMAN (Boston – USA)

 12h30 – 14h00                                   LUNCH

 14h00 – 15h30                                   NEW TECHNOLOGIES

Moderators: Gabriel GURMAN (Beer Sheva – Israel) & Claude MEISTELMAN (Nancy – France)

A new device for automatic cardiorespiratory resuscitation (CPR). Gabriel M. GURMAN & Oded LURIA (Beer Sheva – Israel)

Life of a medical informatic program: certification, safety issues… François CLEMENT (Brussels – Belgium)

Patient Computer Interviewing: questions and tentative answers.John GAGE (Tours – France) & Gareth KANTOR (Cleveland USA)

Wireless mobile data processing: collection and transmission of medical data Jean-Philippe VERGER (Bellegarde France) & Bruno SARRAZIN (Fort de France France)

Reconciling politics, accountants and medicine Alastair LACK (Salisbury U.K.)

 15h30 – 16h00                                   COFFEE BREAK

 16h00 – 18h00                      


            Moderators: Ilkka KALLI (Helsinki – Finland) & Bertrand DEBAENE (Poitiers – France)

CEmarked and so…Jean-Bernard CAZALAA & Robert VIREFLEAU ( Paris – France)

Newest standards work on closed-loop control of anesthesia equipment and on supralaryngeal airway devices Julian GOLDMAN(Boston – USA)

Reimbursement of medical devices Bruno FRANCE (Lyon – France)

 18h30                                                 RECEPTION BY THE CITY OF TOULOUSE

Friday, 8th october 2004, Cassiopée room


Moderators: Azriel PEREL (Tel–Aviv – Israel) & Jean Claude BARTHELEMY(Saint-Etienne - France)

Linking ventilator and monitor for hemodynamic assessment in ventilated patients Azriel PEREL (Tel-Aviv – Israel)

Using phototechnology in anaesthesia Matsuyuki DOI (Hamamatsu – Japan)

Pupillometry Luc BARVAIS (Brussels – Belgium)

BIS, AEP, Spectral entropy as monitor of cerebral drug effect  Michel STRUYS (Gent – Belgium)

Monitoring autonomous nervous system Jean Claude BARTHELEMY (Saint Etienne – France)

 10h30 – 11h00                                   COFFEE BREAK


Moderators: Kai KUCK(Hamburg – Germany) & Steve SHAFER (Stanford – USA)

Models of Drug behavior – the basis for computerized drug delivery Steve SHAFER (Stanford – USA)

Bioinformatics of Genomics and Proteomics Ira RAMPIL (New York – USA)  

 12h30 – 14h00                                   LUNCH

 14h00 – 15h30 SIMULATION, MODELING, PHARMACOLOGY (2)           

Moderators : Norbert LUTTER (Erlangen – Germany) & Frédérique Servin  (Paris  – France)

Use of physiological models in Anaesthesia and ICU Stephen REES (Aalborg – Denmark)

Computer assisted inhalational anaesthesia Frédérique SERVIN (Paris – France)

 15h30 – 16h00                                   COFFEE BREAK


            Moderators : Marc GENTILI (Rennes – France) & Matsuyuki DOI (Hamamatsu  – Japan)

Teaching anaesthesia with virtual reality Pierre DIEMUNSCH (Strasbourg – France)

Multimedia, Virtual reality, régional anaesthesia Alain DELBOS (Toulouse – France)

Choosing a nerve stimulator Denis JOCHUM (Colmar – France)

Ultrasound for regional anaesthesia Xavier MASCHINO (Paris – France)


20h30                                                 CONGRESS DINER at La Feuilleraie (Aucamville)


Saturday, 9th october 2004, Cassiopée room

09h00 – 10h30 Patient Safety through integrated solutions – technical approaches  

Moderators: Bernard POLLWEIN (Muenchen – Germany) & Martin SEDLMAYR (St. Augustin – Germany)

The Integration Challenge Martin SEDLMAYR St. Augustin (St. Augustin - Germany)

SOP-development and how to share and propagate the information Ulrich BOTHNER (Ulm - Germany)

Patient monitoring and  alarm systems in  anesthesia  Kai KUCK (Hamburg – Germany

Algorithm and decision-aid during computerized preoperative evaluation Pascal DUVERLIE (Lille - France)

 10h30 – 11h00                                   COFFEE BREAK

 11h00 – 12H30 Patient Safety through integrated solutions – Ergonomic approaches

Moderators: Wolfgang FRIESDORF (Berlin – Germany) & Ingo MARSOLEK (Berlin – Germany)

-         From the Clinical Perspective:… Benno SCHWILK (Berlin – Germany)

-         From the Industrial Perspective:… Thijs THEELING (Draeger Medial Solutions)

-         From the European Perspective:... Wolfgang FRIESDORF (Berlin – Germany)

-         From the International Perspective:... Pascale CARAYON (Madison USA)


12h30 – 13h30 Podium discussion : Integrated Solutions – Challenges of the Future




Thursday, 7 october 2004

 09h00 – 10h30 Argos room

 Workshop sponsored by ASPECT Medical Systems

 BIS + Pupillometry Olivier MAZEROLLES (Toulouse – France)

Titration of Anesthesia using a closed-loop BIS-Propofol : clinical experience Ngai LIU (Suresnes -France)

BIS in my practice Anne-Marie CROS (Bordeaux – France)


14h00 – 15h30 Argos room


Workshop sponsosored by DRAGER (1)

Moderator: Bertrand DEBAENE (Poitiers – France) & Jean-Bernard CAZALAA (Paris - France)

Target controlled Anaesthesia

Valérie BILLARD (Villejuif – France)


14h00 – 15h30 Spot room

 14h00 – 14h30: The Role of Information Administrator in Anaesthesi & ICU Vicenzo LANZA (Palermo – Italy)

 14h30 – 15h00: Nationwide data collection using Internet Geza NAGY (Budapest – Ungary)


16h00 – 18h00 Argos room

 Remote monitoring of anaesthetics (demos) Philip CUMPSTON (Brisbane – Australia)

 16h00 – 18h00 Spot room

Workshop sponsored by Philips

Serveur d’Applications IntelliVue Philips Henri BENDELAC ( Philips, Suresnes – France)

On Line Electronic Help (OLEH) for Anaesthesiologist Azriel PEREL (Tel- Aviv – Israel)

Certication ISO 9001:2000 dans le domaine des soins: apport d'une informatisation totale au lit du patient François ANGENARD (Lagny – France)



Friday, 8th october 2004

 09h00 – 10h30 Argos room

Workshop sponsored by Drager (2)

Moderator: François SZTARK  (Bordeaux - France) & Jean-Louis BOURGAIN (Villejuif – France)

Induction of anaesthesia with target-controlled inhalation of sevoflurane in adults with the ZEUS® anaesthesia machine 

Anne- Marie CROS (Bordeaux – France)

Karine NOUETTE -GAULAIN (Bordeaux - France)



09h00 – 12h30 Spot room

 Software demonstrations

16h00 – 18h00 Argos room

 Workshop sponsored by Drager (3)

Moderator : Nathalie NATHAN-DENIZOT (Limoges – France) & Michel STRUYS (Gent - Belgium)

Target Controlled Anaesthesia & drug interactions

Frédérique SERVIN (Paris – France) & Valérie BILLARD (Villejuif – France)

14h – 15h30 Spot room  

Wokshop Narkotrend Ulrich GROUVEN (Narcotrend Hannover - Germany)

16h – 18h Spot room  

 Free papers  

The Narcotrend Index: a comparison with bispectral index, spectral parameters, and entropy parameters during propofol-remifentanil induction of anaesthesia Ulrich GROUVEN, Terence KRAUß, Frank BEGER, Barbara SCHULTZ, Arthur SCHULTZ  Medizinische Informatik und Biometrie, Klinikum Hannover Oststadt, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany

Narcotrend changes during titrated induction by propofol TCI.  Vincent DEGOS, Valérie BILLARD, Jean Louis BOURGAIN  Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, Paris, France. 

Making EEG  simulator Koji MORITA, Yoshito SHIRAISHI, Yue HUI, and  Shigehito SATO. Surgical Center, Hamamatsu University Hospital, and Department of anesthesiology and Intensive care, Hamamatsu University School of medicine. 1-20-1 Handayama, Hamamatsu 431-3192 Japan

 Simultaneous recording of AEP, SSEP and EEG parameters during anaesthesia – a factor analysis Ch.JELEAZCOV, J. SCHÜTTLER, H. SCHWILDEN  Klinik für Anästhesiologie, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, Germany

Brain activity and the haemodynamic regulation in the comatose patients.  Irina. BUBNOVA A. ASTAKHOV Urals medical academy of postgraduate education. Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Myogenic reflex based autoregulation in brain arterial network.  Interest of modeling. G GINDRE*, T GILLART*, L SARRY**, JP REVEILLES***, JJ LEMAIRE *, P SCHOEFFLER* Département d’anesthésie réanimation, CHU G Montpied, place henry Dunant 63000 Clermont Ferrand, **ERIM faculté de médecine et pharmacie, Clermont Ferrand, ***LLAIC BP 86, université d’Auvergne, les Cézeaux 63720 Aubière,

 First teletherapy in total intravenous anaesthesia by automated infusion of propofol H. IHMSEN1, E. KOCHS2, J. SCHÜTTLER1, H. SCHWILDEN1, K. NAGUIB2 Klinik für Anästhesiologie, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Erlangen, Germany1 and Klinik für Anästhesiologie, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany2

Memory processing under propofol-remifentanil based anaesthesia and BIS monitoring for cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. G BEJJANI, P-Y LEQUEUX, D SCHMARTZ, A DUCART, M DEJONCKHEERE, L BARVAIS. Department of anesthesiology. Erasme University Hospital. Brussels. Belgium. 



18h00 – 20h00 (Spot room) ESCTAIC GENERAL ASSEMBLY


20h30 Congress Dinner at La Feuilleraie (Aucamville)




Saturday 9th october 2004

 09h:00 – 10h30 Argos room

 Workshop sponsored by Abbott

L'anesthésie inhalatoire moderne
Modérateur : François SZTARK (Bordeaux – France)
1- Les techniques d'induction par inhalation et l'aide inspiratoire
 Anne-Marie CROS (Bordeaux – France)
2- Anesthésie Balancée et profondeur d'anesthésie
Nathalie NATHAN (Limoges – France)
3-Circuit fermé  et cinétique des agents inhalatoires halogénés
Karine NOUETTE - GAULAIN (Bordeaux – France)

09h00 – 12h30 Spot room

 Linux – Open Source, Desktop and applications for the physicians – anaesthesiologists “Hands on session with CULT and The Linux Documentation Project

Goal of the workshop: Demystify information technology and its medical applications, showing how trivial examples work (such as e-book, wifi, email) and how proprietary software can be replaced by free software offering identical functionnality. This is a hands-on session: you will be assisted by experienced users. We suggest you bring your laptop and pda.

But de l'atelier: démystifier les technologies de l'information et leurs applications médicales, en montrant comment fonctionnent des exemples triviaux (livres électroniques, wifi, courrier électronique, messagerie électronique) ainsi que la possibilité d'utiliser à la place de logiciels propriétaires des logiciels libres (linux)à fonctions identiques. C'est un atelier pratique. Vous serez assistés par des utilisateurs avertis. Notre conseil: Apportez votre ordinateur portable, votre assistant numérique.


09h00 – 12h30 Diamant room

 Introduction to NONMEM Steve Shafer (Stanford – USA)